ZimRights on threats and elections.

The National Council of Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) released a press statement yesterday to address threats they are facing from former who have become politically influenced.

By Rumbidzai Nyabako

ZimRights was established in 1992 to protect, defend and promote human rights in Zimbabwe. The Press Statement clearly stipulates that this organization is operated diligently and is guided by policies, procedures, the constitution as well as their mission and vision. The recently elected National Council, therefore, provides leadership and readership and direction if the organization faces internal and external threats and in this, it had to meet in order to deal with external threats.

The Press Statement highlighted that they are currently dealing with threats from former members whose political colours and affiliation are known. These members are supposedly working to destabilize the organization and according to the statement they are maximizing on the recent problems ZimRights is facing with their funding partners.

As stated by the statement these former members are working with some active members and their politicized agenda is to hijack and besiege the organization. It also states that most of these people have ceased to be members because of the failure of paying subscriptions. The meeting held by the National Council has yield results of defending the organization from external threats and the council has noted that ZimRights has been favoured to have a board that is hardworking, that has oversight as well as a capable secretariat. The statement also states that National Council has expressed confidence in the board and secretariat and it has assured that it will not be swayed towards the path that is not favourable to thousands of ordinary members and beneficiaries across the country.

Despite facing these threats, ZimRights will continue to engage with communities through programs of civic education, civic engagement as a way of increasing citizen participation, maintain peace as well as promoting human rights ahead of the 2018 harmonized elections. The Press Statement alludes that ZimRights was formed to promote human rights and will continue to do so. To fulfil its main purpose ZimRights has been holding road shows, candidate forums, community radio talk shows, human rights monitoring and door-to-door voter mobilization nationwide.

ZimRights also took this opportunity to raise concerns in regards to cases of election-related violence and intimidation which have been recorded in Nyanga, Bindura, Mt Darwin, Mudzi, Mutoko, Chiredzi and other areas. It has also called upon Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to enhance its transparency and cooperate with all stakeholders in regards to the issue of printing ballot papers. ZimRights continues to advocate for peaceful and democratic campaigns so as to promote credible elections which facilitate prospects of the country’s turnaround.