Civic Society and Church Joint Forum, National Coordinator,  Abigail Mupambi engaged Zimbabweans in South Africa who have agreed to work towards making Zimbabwe a great nation again.

Diasporans have already jumped on board

In a press statement shared yesterday by CSCJF, the diasporans in South Africa are excited to be part of this initiative that was introduced by the Civic Society and the Church. The thrust of engaging the diaspora community is to dilute the politically polarized environment which has contributed to the suffering of the general populace in Zimbabwe.

CSCJF commended by diasporans

Members of the diaspora have committed to amplify the voice of the masses back home to push their interests ahead. “We are behind the idea of positioning the masses voice and interest ahead of any political squabbles back home,” They have proven that being away from home does not mean that one has lost his or her identity. Diasporans have also invested hope, that one day Zimbabwe will be a normal state but they highlighted that this can be achieved through hard work and positive attitude. The Diasporans have commended CSCJF for creating opportunities for Diaspora participation in issues of governance of Zimbabwe.

Mupambi challenges every diasporans

Mupambi has challenged every Zimbabwean abroad to participate in the building of a better Zimbabwe because that is where home is. She added that they should stop folding hands as they are not immune to current problems.

Political players warned

Political players have been urged to consider the plight of the masses that are directly affected by any decision they make. To add on the South Africa Diasporians, have pointed out that “its not time for fighting, hunting for enemies but for making friends and making developmental compromises,” They added that it is not the time for opposing the government but that of proposing what they should do.  ZANU PF and MDC Alliance have been urged to quit dragging the citizens in their political battles and focus on serving the interests of the masses.

“We want our jewel, Zimbabwe, back”

“As diasporans, we advocate for the upholding of the rule of law and urge everyone to become development oriented,” read the statement. They also added that they are ready to participate in the restoration of our jewel, Zimbabwe, back to its factory settings.