Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions president, Peter Mutasa notified of a demonstration against the monetary and fiscal policies planned for this coming Thursday at a presser held at Media Center this morning.

In a press statement, Mutasa highlighted that ZCTU is disappointed by the measures announced by both the fiscal and monetary authorities. He added that this will only worsen the plight of the workers and Zimbabweans in general. “The new measures instead of solving the economic crisis that the country faces, increases taxation and fail to find solutions to the cash crisis and high prices of goods  and services amongst a host  of iddues affecting workers an dthe general public,” says Mutasa.

ZCTU frustrated by introduced fiscal policies

Mutasa mentioned that the 2% tax every dollar on all electric transactions has a direct impact of overburdening the already overtaxed and underpaid workers. In addition, Mutasa stated that ZCTU is also frustrated by the separation of the Foreign Currency Account and Real Time Gross Settlement accounts.  This move is bound to affect those who earned their salaries in US and Mutasa also pointed out that there is a possibility of money distortion.

Why is Mangudya still clinging on

“Mangudya uttered that if bonds notes fail then he will resign but why is he still clinging on,” Bond notes have certainly failed but the governor seems to continue doing his job. Mutasa added that the Fiscal Policy Statement clearly shows fiscal indiscipline that has been happening since the end of the GNU in 2013.

Mutasa went on to urge the government to engage in stakeholder consultations as the basis for progress and that the government must listen to the people.

ZCTU plans a peaceful demonstrations

ZCTU is likening these policies to ESAP which they demonstrated against in 1991. They are strongly convinced that these demonstrations are going to work as they have worked before and they are calling upon Zimbabweans to join them as they demonstrate on Thursday 11 October 2018. Their main reason behind this demonstration is to fight against the 2% tax increase and all measures that have negative on the lives of Zimbabweans.” We are simply saying no to another ESAP.” said Mutasa.

Plenary Session

Do you think people will join in you demonstration especially after the 1 August killings?

Mutasa highlighted that demonstrating is right guaranteed by the constitution of Zimbabwe, hence the people must not allow the government to use power unnecessarily. He added that Zimbabwean might choose to sit in their homes but they must bear in mind that they will die of the same problems. Mutasa also pointed out that their major trust is to conduct peaceful demonstrations.

Have the police cleared the demonstration?

Mutasa stated that trade unions have always been exempted from POSA although they have written to the police out of courtesy and they have nothing against it.

Are demonstrations the best way to solve issues as most of them have not worked?

Mutasa believes that there is no other option and that they agreed that when citizens are not happy they must feel free to demonstrate. He added that In the 1970s they demonstrated against 4% war veteran fund and it was never paid.

Explain the magnitude of your demonstration?

Mutasa notified that these demonstrations are supposed to be conducted in all the major cities and they are expecting turn out from students, informal and formal sectors and everyone because these policies affect everyone. He also mentioned that this has nothing to do with political affiliation because no one uses a political card to buy in any shop. Mutasa highlighted that they are engaging with the civil society so that they know how this demonstration is to be conducted.

What if the government closes its ears just like the previous incidents.

Mutasa stated that the government has no room for ignorance because shops, pharmacies have closed because of economic instability. He added that they have won some of the battles in 1998 so the government must accept to listen or they must expect civil rebellion.

Speculations say that the vendor wars was a way of forcing people to fight back, are you not falling in the same trap?

Mutasa mentioned that it might be true but went on to say that no one wishes to live in an economic crumbling country, he added that even the security forces being used are also facing the same problems and that it is high time for action is taken.