Vice President, Kembo Mohadi came out and dismissed the assertion made by Daily News’ publication that GNU talks between ED and Chamisa were kicking off.

Chamisa pushing for negotiations: Sibanda

Last week Daily News highlighted that Chamisa and Mnangagwa were having “behind the scenes” engagements. They added that Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda hinted the paper of these talks. “The president will not negotiate via the media. His mandate is to negotiate as mandated by MDC national council, and those  issues are what the president is pushing day in and day out.” Daily News reported.

No Future for a GNU

However state-owned paper Herald pointed out that Zanu-PF is not even interested in having GNU talks with the opposition because they won the election twice. “We haven’t heard anything of that sort or an approach from those that would want a Government of National Unity with us.” These talks do not necessarily have to be about facilitating a GNU but to map a way forward as a nation because the economic situation affects the ordinary men more than it affects those in power.

ZANU PF wants to go it alone

“But if they want to discuss with us they can come, but certainly not on a GNU because we have got the mandate emanating from a two-thirds majority in Parliament. We can do it alone 2008,” added Mohadi. This is the same government that has plunged Zimbabwe in what seems like a dead end and they claim they can do it alone. Mnangagwa’s government took over the government through a coup but what continues to emanate are shortages of money, price hikes and shortages of basic commodities and they want to ‘go it alone’. Both parties should consider that Zimbabwe does not belong to any party and kick-start dispensations that cater for all.

Will the power-struggle ever end?

The government should be cracking heads over what to do to get the economy running again not spending time proving to each other that they will never be GNU. Mohadi also emphasized that the MDC must acknowledge that Mnangagwa is the legitimate leader before they start considering having talks.