A Civic Society and Churches Joint Forum coordinated by Abigail Mupambi and youth leader, Elvis Mupambi highlighted in an interview earlier today that both Zanu Pf and MDC Alliance have equal power despite their legitimacy feuds.

In an interview with Mupambi and Mugari, they highlighted that Zimbabwe has no time for legitimacy issues. Mupambi clearly stated that after every election citizens get squeezed instead of being served. She added that citizens are only concerned with issues to do with bread and butter rather than legitimacy wars.

Zanu Pf and MDC Alliance have equal power

Mupambi is convinced that Zanu Pf and MDC Alliance both have power. This is due to the fact that Zanu Pf controls the rural areas whilst the opposition have keys to the urban areas. “Revenue and power work hand in hand,” said Mupambi. She added that MDC claims that they were deprived of their power but they are the ones who control the local authorities. Mupambi emphasized that everyone who took an oath to office must  start delivering because the citizens are the ones suffering whilst they voted.

Chamisa must listen to the people

In addition, Mupambi pointed out that anyone who did not rebel during the swearing-in ceremony by ED must stop questioning issues of legitimacy. On that note  Mupambi pointed that Zimbabwe cannot afford another five-year term of holding no one accountable for the dysfunctional systems. Mupambi attacked Chamisa of portraying dictatorship tendencies by making decisions without consulting his supporters. This came about after Chamisa refused to engage in dialogues with  ED and she went on to urge Chamisa to consult CSOs and people from various political groups.

Let us reason with Mthuli Ncube’s taxes

Mupambi notified that they  have proposed a meeting with the Minister of Finance so that they get to understand the  2% tax.  She urged Zimbabweans to stop attacking Ncube without understanding where he is coming from. She added that there is need to understand tax because they have already started deducting it from people’s account. Mupambi highlighted that if the tax cannot be scrapped citizens must then interrogate how the money is going to be used.

Stop playing games with Zimbabwe

Mugari as the leader of the youth highlighted that the youth must be engaged in the development and progression of the nation. Mupambi and Mugari shared the same sentiment that those sworn by ED have become like him. “If you are baptized by the demon you will also become a demon,”  said Mugari warned the elected to stop playing games with Zimbabwe and start delivering. In conclusion, Mugari reminded the youth that they voted for employment and service delivery hence they must fight for what is theirs.