Young Leaders Summit Exhibition debuts

In their bid to encourage pro-active youth participation within society, Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT), recently held the inaugural Young Leaders Summit Exhibition in Harare recently where members of the public interacted with various organizations that were exhibiting at the summit.

Speaking on the sidelines of the summit, YETT Programs Officer, Taziwa Machichanisa said,” YETT is mainly concerned with meaning participation of the youth and community leadership.”Zimbabwe has a history of political parties who use the youth to commit violent acts. In this case, the youth are participating but in a negative way. However, YETT is all about the positive impact that also promotes community leadership among the budding youths. YETT is also guided by 3 principles which are empowerment, purposeful engagement and inclusiveness.

The youthful audience that attended the summit had the opportunity to learn about reproductive health, financial discipline, human rights and other key issues that directly and indirectly affect youths in Zimbabwe.

Some of the organizations present include, SayWhat, Green Innovation Hub Phase ll, industrial psychology consultants, Nduna Zimbabwe Trust, Gender-Based Violence, Amandla Brands, Junior Achievement Zimbabwe, The Boost Fellowship, Institute for Young Women Development, Old Mutual and Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyers.

Most of the organizations at this exhibition seemed to preach the same gospel of grooming the youth to wisely choose careers. Old Mutual emphasized financial discipline and the culture of savings on a personal level. The youth do not find the value of saving whilst they are still young and single which is important.

Protection is key

Say What stole the hearts of many because they addressed the sexual part. Displaying a variety of condoms, they emphasized the protective sexual encounter. Their main target is to capture students from high school before they branch into tertiary education. Abstinence has been preached about but it continues to be defeated, hence the emphasis on condoms. Say What also hinted at female vulnerability as they the ones who are affected the most unlike their male partners. Women and girls are being constantly encouraged to stand their ground and insist on protection.

Men are also victims of violence

Gender-Based Violence is also another issue that the most people are not comfortable talking about. However, is it experienced on a daily basis. History has it that most women prefer getting counseling but are never ready to report their partners. Men are also victims but they are not always open to talk about it because of stigma. The Zimbabwean culture expects men to be brave and in most cases, they are the abusers so they are not always free to open up on such issues.

Youth Organizations play vital roles because they can be able to capture and re-capture the minds needed the development. The youth are also supposed to jump on board as the nation needs collective development.