After facing hurdles to have their demonstration, the War Vets Welfare Group are finally having their demonstration today to demand the benefits Robert Mugabe promised, which have not been delivered.

War Vets finally demonstrate

The War Vets had scheduled their demonstration for 6 November but the police kept delaying them. The officers at Harare Central Police Station stated that they needed to engage with relevant leadership. The police also said that the War Vets’ demonstration would open the floor to the opposition which is not good for the government.

War Vets benefits are catered for under SI 280-281

Amos Sigauke one of the group members highlighted that War Vets are not demonstrating for the sake of publicity but for their issues to be addressed. Sigauke added that War Vets’ benefits are catered for under SI 280-281 of 1997 which was never fulfilled. He also highlighted that Zimbabwean War Vets are the most deprived. This is when compared with the other African countries and alluded that some war vets in Mozambique have risen to become governors.

Mugabe promised but never delivered

Sigauke narrated that United Nations granted funds to Zimbabwe which are given to any nation soon after a war. He added that war vets were supposed to get their share from that fund. Sigauke highlighted war vets once protested during Mugabe’s era and he promised each of them Z$50 000 as part of the war vets gratuity but none of these benefits were granted.

ZBC abandons War Vets  after a payment

War Vets had paid ZBC for their demonstration to be announced on radio ZBC had promised to flight their script. However, ZBC called war vets on Saturday to inform them that they would not flight their demo because they had not received authority from “higher offices”. ZBC also notified them that War Vets’ issues were sensitive and they would refund them on Monday.

We are under the Association but not its structures: Sigauke

“The nation recognizes the association,” said Mavhura, Patrick ZBC Chief Executive Officer. So ZBC staffers decided to safeguard their jobs and abandoned the war vets yet is a national broadcaster. The War Vets Welfare Group pointed out that they are in support of the War Vets association even though they are not under its structures.

We are not selfish

According to Sigauke, most war vets were traumatized by the war experience hence their rehabilitation was a necessity. “At the same time we want to educate the masses that were are not selfish, these benefits are long overdue.” Said Sigauke as he emphasized the purpose of their demonstration.

War Vets ask for duty-free vehicles

As part of the demo, War Vets want to be allowed to acquire duty-free vehicles just like parliamentarians and the disabled. ” A damaged brain is another disability due to the fact we were not rehabilitated, so would it be too much to ask to be allowed to import one vehicle in my lifetime,” asked Sigauke. So the War Vets have taken their matter to ED’s office hoping to have their issues heard and addressed.