The United Kingdom Parliament held a debate in Westminster Hall yesterday on what they termed “Situation in Zimbabwe” in which they touched on every development that has been taking place since the November Coup.

Zimbabwe needed a new leader and a new system

Vauxhall Member of Parliament, Kate Hoey set the tone in the house by highlighting that Emmerson Mnangagwa was a part of the Mugabe regime. She added that both ED and Vice President Chiwenga played a sinister role in Gukurahundi. “But all of us who love Zimbabwe and know the potential of that beautiful country still hoped that change was going to happen.” said Hoey. According to the UK parliamentarians, they hoped to see change after Mugabe’s era but the series of human rights violation they have headlined show that Zimbabwe needs a new leader and a new system.

Why was Zimbabwe of Commonwealth?

The gist of the story circulated on the re-admission of Zimbabwe in the Commonwealth. The main purpose of the Commonwealth is to promote international cooperation that boosts economics, social development and human rights of member countries. Zimbabwe has since been booted out of the Commonwealth in 2001 due to flawed elections which prompted political violence.

The Commonwealth sent an Observer Mission during the 2018 elections which was chaired by former Ghanaian president John Mahama. “We are aware that Zimbabwe seeks to rejoin the commonwealth, I guess that the success of this election will play a part at assessing the request that Zimbabwe has made,” said Mahama during their visit last year.

The Zim Leadership must uphold Human Rights

All that having been said, the UK parliament stated that, Zimbabwe can only be admitted if the leadership promises to uphold human rights and stop all violations. The international community have not turned a blind eye on the rape cases, internet shutdown, killings of innocent civilians by the army and the use of the security forces by the government to unleash violence on the citizens.

Hoey commends SkyNews

Hoey went on to commend SkyNews for capturing police and army brutality on an innocent passersby. She ridiculed the government and the security for denying what the whole world has evident of.

The International Community is fully aware of the Zim Situation

The international community is more concerned about Zimbabwean citizens more than its leaders. Now that the UK parliament has showcased their knowledge of the situation in Zimbabwe and their concern, ED and his government are under immense pressure to clean the mess. What is done is done, it’s high time to rectify mistakes and do good for the nation.

Labour MP, Kate Hoey shares the same sentiments with most Zimbabweans that the soldiers must return to the barracks and order must be restored in the country. The ball is now is in ED’s court whether to try and clean the mess or to wait for international intervention against his will.