Zimbabwe Republic Police officers hesitantly took orders from their superintendents this morning to disrupt ARTUZ meeting at Africa Unity Square who were getting ready to march to Mthuli’s office.

Police Disrupt ARTUZ meeting in Africa Unity Square

The earlier fight between the salary Caravan and the Minister of Finance is still proceeding as the teachers have decided to march with empty pockets out to show that that they are broke. Earlier today, Zimbabwe Republic Police disrupted the gathering of Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe at Africa Unity Square as they planned to leave for Mthuli’s office. According to ARTUZ president the police had illegally detained the group and they failed to pin them on any offense. “We were legally detained by the police but our lawyers managed to lecture them that the arrest itself was illegal and they had no charge to prefer against so they were forced to release us,” said Obert Masaraure, ARTUZ president.

Teachers show passion fro their work by giving free lessons

To show the passion for their work, the teachers are now offering free lessons to students to prove that they are committed but they are being taken for granted. Masaraure also added that these lessons are going to continue and they are inviting both adults and learners and those that have failed to pay school fees so that they benefit from their undervalued expertise. “We are demonstrating to the world that we really have a passion for our job but unfortunately our employer is denying us the opportunity to provide a service which we passionately want to provide to the citizens.” highlighted Masaraure.

Teachers to camp at Mthuli’s office until all their demands are met

Teachers have also committed to offering free civic education to the public so that they are fully equipped with full knowledge against unfair practice of the law in Zimbabwe. The police has been used as a weapon to silence citizens but the teachers have commended their fellow civil servants are beginning to indirectly support the struggle. The teachers will continuously visit Mthuli’s office until their salaries are paid in forex, 2018 bonuses paid in full, scrapping of the 2% tax and adequate learning material for the new curriculum. Of all these grievances mentioned by the teachers, the police are equally affected as they fall under the same umbrella.

The teachers have since proceeded to Mthuli’s office where they promise to continuously visit until they demands are met. They will also be conducting their free lessons from Mthuli’s offices and they invite all the citizens to take part in relaying their message.