Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe and Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe issued a joint press statement to address what they call an illegal meeting between the government and Apex Council.

Teachers have accused the Zimbabwean government for hiding behind the Apex Council as a way of dodging the workers’s demands. ARTUZ president, Obert Masaraure highlighted that yesterday’s meeting was illegal and broke section 65 of the constitution which calls for collective bargaining. He added that the teachers reject the Apex Council and that it is  not after the workers’ interests.

PTUZ Secretary General, Raymond Majongwe pointed that the teachers are suffering and are incapacitated hence they cannot go back to work. Majongwe added that the government must pay their salaries in forex and deliver better working conditions. “Let’s make sure that the demand to be paid in $USDs is a reality and we are not going to flinch on that.” Said Majongwe. Majongwe bashed the government for encouraging workers to tighten their belts when they are living in opulence and extravagance. According to Majongwe this is not a political issue or a direct attack towards Zanu Pf but they need the restoration of humanity.

The teachers have followed in the doctor’s footsteps they have decided to report for work for 2 days only in a week because they are incapacitated. “We do not care about their legitimacy we just want them to deliver the basics you can’t steal our humanity and we remain numb.” Said Masaraure. He also highlighted that on 14 January the teachers are going to have a full blown strike because they have already notified the government.

The teachers have notified that will continue with their daily visits to Mthuli’s office and their public lessons. Masaraure emphasized that the government must meet their demands or let the Finance Minister go.