National Peace and Reconciliation Commission launched its 5 year plan at HICC today in the capital which seeks to bring Zimbabweans together through peace and reconciliation as they plan to develop the nation.

This National Peace and Reconciliation Commission is one of the Independent commissions under Chapter 12 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Its duty is to advocate for human rights and democracy. They also see to it that there is transparency and accountability in public institutions. The commission also promote the adherence of the constitution by the state and all the institutions and agencies of the government.

The Commission came into the picture after a realization that the nation is wounded from the dark past that was swept under the carpet.  The chairperson of the commission retired general Nale highlighted that peace is a necessary and national dividend for development and to lay a foundation for a peaceful future. The commission pointed out the need for peace and reconciliation which must be the foundation of a thriving nation. “We cannot talk about nation building without addressing issues of the past,” said Ndoro one of the commissioners. He added that the call on investors which has become the talk of the day, these investors have their own way of discovering issues and analyzing the nation they want to work with. In other words, the commission is suggesting that Zimbabweans must put their house to order before they start inviting visitors.

This event was also graced by the vice president Kembo Mohadi who applauded the commission for this initiative. “Peace and reconciliation are the main domain of the new dispensation,” said Mohadi.  He added that the government is in full support of the commission and they should feel free to knock at their doors. He advised the nation not to fold their hands and wait for the commission but they should join and help to unravel the past. Mohadi also spoke against the downplay of conflicts as it will eventually the future.

MDC Alliance secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora was also one of the invited guests. Mwonzora could not let go of the microphone without singing the song of the need for free and fair elections and doing away with corruption. He went on to promise not undermine the commission but he highlighted that they are open for criticism. He urged the nation to create a home that will accommodate everyone despite their nationality.

Various stakeholders were also represented the church, civil society organizations, faith organizations, the women and the youth. These representatives of the sectors applauded the commission for the good work and they all promised to help them in every way possible to attain peace in the country.