The MDC Alliance National council concedes election defeat to Zanu PF. This comes after the council met to discuss the way forward for the party at their recent meeting held in Harare.

Chamisa reaches out to the African Commission

In what could be viewed as the last kicks of a dying horse, the MDC has filed an application to the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights. This move by MDC Alliance is not going to help claim the stolen results back, maybe it can help in restoring relevance. Meanwhile,   the declaration by the Constitution was final and no other court can surpass that.

The National Council is still convinced that the election was stolen. The council also highlighted that their leader, Nelson Chamisa won the election with 2.6 million votes. Chamisa and his supporters seem to have a difficulty accepting reality, although, the reality might not be the truth. Chamisa’s last presser indicated that the court challenge was unfair and they could have mistakes just like ZEC. Although they seem to have the strength to pursue the matter, their persistence might just lead to a dead end.

Chamisa is the legitimate winner: National Council

MDC Alliance has a problem of declaring themselves winners of the uncertain. Chamisa and his following celebrated way before elections and now they have failed to acknowledge Ed’s win as they state that Chamisa is the legitimate president. They crucified ZEC for the right reasons but nothing was done in their favor, they lost the elections and appealed to the court, but it did not rule in their favor. It raises questions why MDC Alliance never want to accept the fact that nothing will ever work in their favor. In fact, they are being blamed for causing disturbances in the country.

“Typhoid affected Chamisa’s Kwekwe rally

The Council also notified that the party wants to engage in “thank you” rallies to appreciate their 2,6 Million voters. Yesterday Chamisa wanted to conduct a rally in Kwekwe, however, he was blocked by the police as maximized on typhoid break out in the Midlands. That same stadium was later used for a soccer match after Chamisa was blocked. Both Chamisa and ED have planned to conduct these rallies so Chamisa might have wanted to beat ED as he is going through a busy schedule.