The recently appointed 210 members of parliament have proposed a monthly salary of $6000 which will amount to $2.1 million in parliamentary wages.

Zimbabwe is currently facing a financial crisis which might take years to eradicate. In less than 2 weeks of being in office, the members of parliament already know the exact amount they want as remuneration for the work they have not done yet.

If only all members of parliament had a mindset like that of Chinotimba, at the swearing-in ceremony 2 weeks ago he mentioned that it is pointless expecting remuneration when one has not delivered anything yet. Members should be encouraged to go through a familiarization process first of their respective roles before they start pocketing. Ed has also highlighted that he is going to use the 100-day policy which he believes will keep these parliamentarians at check. How efficient will this policy be and if one fails what will happen?

Opposition legislators walk out on ED

Yesterday, the parliament held its first 9th session which opposition legislators took to walk out on ED as he delivering his speech. What Zimbabwe needs right now is unity in terms of nation-building not politically motivated disputes. Just as much as these legislators do not view Mnangagwa as the legitimate leader, but should they not mind where their bread is going to be buttered? If the country’s leaders fail to tolerate each other on issues that affect the whole nation who is going to bring citizens together.

The nation has the more pressing issues such as cholera and typhoid outbreaks, a financial crisis, unemployment and poverty that immediate attention. The least that the nation wants is a situation which is worse than the current one.

All the disasters in Zimbabwe cannot be eradicated overnight but the top players need come together and pave way for development. ED and most stakeholders believe collective participation but the citizens will only join in once they trust the process.