Norton Mp, Temba Mliswa held a presser and underwent a public HIV test to brush off social media allegations that he infected a ‘minor’ with an STI.

Temba Mliswa was alleged to have infected an A-level student with an STI which he took to social media to prove wrong. Just as much as Mliswa wanted to prove the world wrong, it now appears as if he admitted that he has been sleeping around with young girls. A lot of leaders have undergone a lot of allegations, but Temba just could not take it he had to get tested.

If only press conferences developed the nation

With this era of social media, citizens are now free to directly post their concerns to their leaders. If only political leaders would react to all the people’s suggestions on social media Zimbabwe would be a better place. ‘Honourable’ Mliswa conducted a press conference this yesterday and made his move to advocate for those living with HIV and AIDS.

Mliswa strongly denied having infected anyone and that if he did the victim must come forward. He also highlighted that he is not attracted to girls who are younger than his daughter aged 27, he went on to clear the air saying he fancies single mothers of his age thereby cleansing himself. Mliswa also pointed out that he normally does not respond to social media but he took this stance, not for him but to motivate other Zimbabweans to know their status and live a healthy life.

Mliswa advocates for the HIV infected

This social media accusation seems to have had a strong hold on Mliswa, who now wants to fight the disease of stigma. He also added that even if he was to be tested positive that would not mean that it is a death sentence. However, people on social media kept on ‘contesting’ his results saying he could have rigged. Mliswa also spoke against abuse of social media and that the results are not important but acknowledging that most people live with the virus.


What is your take on Chamisa’s swearing ceremony to be held on Saturday?

Mliswa highlighted that Chamisa is breaking the law and that he perhaps need psychiatric attention due to the depression he has gone through. He urged the legislators to take charge and protect Zimbabwe.

What do you think of the new cabinet?

Mliswa commended ED for doing away with old wood and he also highlighted that he should have also included other non-Zanu Pf members who are equally legible for other positions.

How responsible are you with your preferred single mothers?

Mliswa moves around testing himself

Mliswa highlighted that he moves around with his personal testing kits and also uses condoms. He added that nothing stops him from indulging with HIV- positive partners and that it is up to him to decide the number of partners he wants to have.