ZANU PF secretary for Information and Publicity, Simon Khaya Moyo mocked Chamisa’s inauguration yesterday on national television outlining the event as kindergarten spectacle and that the flame of democracy is an insult to the symbol of independence.

Zimbabwe has one president

The issue of legitimacy will never be solved as long as both parties keep on  claiming the election victory. Both parties will keep on moving in circles but the nation seems to be focusing on more pressing issues such as price increase and the shortage of basic commodities. Moyo yesterday ridiculed Chamisa’s inauguration saying it’s a way of deceiving his supporters into believing that he is the president of  Zimbabwe. Moyo added that Zimbabwe has only one president who is ED and that he is the one acknowledged by the international community.

‘Flame of democracy’ disrespects Chamisa

What MDC Alliance termed as flame of democracy disrespected the party leader as it did not ignite on his first attempt.On that note, Moyo also highlighted that the lighting of MDC Alliance ‘s flame of democracy is an insult to the symbol of independence. “This should be condemned. The lighting of what the MDC Alliance termed the ‘flame of democracy’ was an insult to the protracted liberation struggle which brought the country’s independence.  The MDC  Alliance should bear the consequences of their misguided conduct,” said Moyo. On each independence day, a president of Zimbabwe lights up the flame of independence, and Chamisa introduced his own flame.

Flame of independence vs ‘flame of democracy’

Chamisa might have gone overboard in trying to seek relevance. The flame of independence is a national emblem that brings the whole nation together. The flame of independence is a national symbol, not a political symbol. This seems to be a battle between the giant political parties, however, Chamisa might have gone far in trying to compete with the ruling party. The lighting of the ‘flame of democracy’ was done the way the independence symbol is done. This act might undermine the value of the national symbol of independence.  The elections might have been rigged but it will not stop the ruling party from finding a ‘suitable crime’ to pin onto Chamisa.