The Khupe-led party joined the world in moaning the legend, Oliver Mtukudzi who passed on yesterday after battling an illness for a long time.

MDC-T bids farewell to the legend

MDC-T’s party’ spokesperson Linda Masarira highlighted in a statement that indeed a giant has fallen. The party has joined the Mtukudzi’s family and the global community in bidding farewell to the music icon.” Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones as we mourn the death of a Zimbabwean music legend.” Read the statement.

Zimbabwe must draw inspiration from Tuku’s music

The opposition has expressed great sadness in losing the universal musician. However, they are taking comfort in the fact that Tuku’s legacy will live forever and that it will continue to inspire generations to come. They have described Oliver Mtukudzi as a unifier, a visionary and a universal musician. “ Zimbabweans must draw inspiration from him especially at this difficult time of hate and division and unite in our diversity for the greater common good.” Read MDC-T ‘s press statement. They have extended gratitude towards Tuku’s ability to mold African heritage and unity through his music which is meaningfully rich.

Tuku is a National Hero

On a positive note, this is also a time for celebrating a Hero who contributed positively to the nation of Zimbabwe and the world over. MDC-T also pointed out that figures like Tuku deserve to be recognized as national heroes. “There are people that contribute much to a country in time of peace and that they deserve to b recognized as national heroes.” Read the statement.

A hero has fallen but risen in power

The party went on to praise for his immense contribution towards the music and arts industrially both locally and on the international market. They also commended Tuku for his wisdom and level of depth portrayed in numerous masterpieces.

R.I.P Oliver Mtukudzi

MDC-T admits this is a dark time for Zimbabwe and that ‘Samanyanga’ touched millions of hearts in the world. “Africa and indeed the world has lost a great music icon…Tabatwa panorwadza moyo.” Read the statement.

“Thank you for sharing your talent with Africa and beyond. May your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.”