MDC Alliance called for an impromptu press conference yesterday at Harvest House to give a review of the Commission of Inquiry’s report which they described as unjust as it pointed fingers at them.

ED finally releases the Commission of Inquiry’S Report

ED appointed a seven-member Commission which was to look into the 1 August shootings. The Commission just finished putting together their findings and they have submitted these to Mnangagwa. Ed went on to release the findings yesterday despite the fact that he was also subject to investigation.

THe Commission throws MDC under the bus

The report has shifted all the blame on MDC Alliance and sanctified the army and the ones who gave the directive to the army. MDC Alliance has reacted to the report and has further discredited the Commission’s findings. According to the party’s spokesperson, Jacob Mafume highlighted that the Commission failed the whole nation which expected it to achieve justice to the victims’ families. He added that this was just a PR swore by Zanu Pf which turned out costly to the whole nation.

The Commission was compromised: Mafume

Mafume also pointed out that the Commission was compromised and therefore could not reach the expected outcome. According to MDC Alliance, the Commission was supposed to prompt national healing, national building and transition and the report has fallen short of addressing the above key factors. The objective of the Commission of Inquiry was to clear the air around the shootings and whose directive the army operated on. However, the report has thrown the MDC Alliance under the bus as it points out that the 1 August shootings were a pre-planned incident by MDC Alliance.

Why did ED present the report when he should have been under investigation?

Mafume also highlighted that the party is crying foul over the fact that ED presented the report rather than the Commission itself. “How do you release and read a report when you were primarily the target of the investigation.” Asked  Mafume.

Motlanthe Commission ignores all the evidence

Despite all the evidence that many journalists captured on the fateful day, the Commission of Inquiry has nullified its existence. The Commission of Inquiry stated that the deployment of the army and the police was done under the constitutional provision.

Although MDC Alliance was painted black, Mafume pointed out that Chamisa’s party is the most peaceful organization. He added that Zanu Pf and the state is the one which is known for their violent nature since 1980 and that MDC is actually a victim of Zanu Pf and the state.

MDC Alliance might not be innocent but was justice served?

The Commission of Inquiry’s objective was to identify key players and according to their findings, MDC Alliance was the perpetrator. It has totally ignored the evidence that was availed by both local and international media. Although victims and their families are going to receive compensation, the will never get the closure and justice they deserve. Jacob Mafume informed that they will present a full report of the report once they are done putting everything together.