Pastor Mugadza and his family were left stranded after they were dumped by United Democratic Movement president Violet Mariyacha who was paying his rent and food.

Pastor Mugadza is known for prophesying Mugabe’s death last year in October andit did not happen. He ventured into the political arena through UDM as he contested for the Kariba constituency in the 2018 Harmonized elections. As soon as he jumped on the the  UDM trail, he was made vice president  which was being led by Violet Mariyacha. Mugadza is believed to have been dumped by Mariyacha  just a day after elections as she left for UK.

Pastor worked for food and rent

Pastor Mugadza had become dependent on the UDM president as she paid for his rates up to August as soon as the election business was over. Mugadza became the driver, treasure general and Vice president in UDM. Mariyacha and Mugadza are believed to have been close and in books ever since they discovered each other on social media. Although Mugadza might have thought that he is going to benefit from joining politics, Mariyacha  is the one who benefited from the Pastor  for her own recognition in exchange of rent and food.

Pastor Mugadza proposes to a secretary

Mugadza has been dumped and left unemployed and no one is providing for his family. He is believed to have proposed love to  the president’s secretary whose name was withheld and his wife became aware of it and their marriage is on the rocks because of that.

Mugadza in search of green pastures

Mugadza, has left the country in search for greener pastures. When Mariyacha informed him that she can no longer pay for his food and rent expenses, Mugadza then demanded for the president’s car to compensate for his hard work during the elections. This only adds weight to speculations around the pastor’s authenticity, a few people seemed to have taken hi serious but after the fake prophecy towards the former president. Mugadza could have joined politics to seek relevance since the clerical route failed him as he claimed that God had postponed Mugabe’s death to a later date which he could not grasp.