The recently appointed Permanent Secretary for the Ministry Of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services said ZBC TV is on the verge of embarrassing the nation at his recent UK and Europe visit.

It is quite impressive when officials like Nick Mangwana finally proves that they know that Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television is letting the whole country down. Mangwana has also proved that even he is not even a constant viewer of this station. If only ZBC TV produced content that is good as their transport system, most people would not act as their lives depend on DSTV or other international content.

The poor broadcasts by ZBC TV have led many citizens to embrace international content, the only time some people to watch this station is when their subscriptions run out. The ZBC crew apologize for the technical glitches at very short intervals which results in the small audience.  A handful of people still watch ZBC TV just because they want to be up to date with current affairs in the nation, some even watch it because they get to watch on their satellite systems which allow for better picture quality.

Nick Mangwana does not even trust if there is a non-Zimbabwean who tune in just to watch the news. Mangwana highlighted that Zimbabwe is undergoing a development route but all ZBC TV does is to misinterpret the Zimbabwean story. He also added that even the dramas they offer for entertainment are even pathetic If the national broadcasting stations fail to sell the Zimbabwean story who else will, private broadcasting entities may try their best, but then it will challenge the existence of the “pioneers of local content.”

The permanent secretary stated that his view has nothing to do with his political affiliation but rather taking a national approach. Mangwana also alluded that the main focus of the nation right now is to turn Zimbabwe into a middle-income economy. He, however, does not trust if the national broadcasting station will tell the authentic stories of Zimbabwe. He added that even though ZBC TV claims to be moving along with modernization but there is nothing to show for it. He urged that ZBC TV must lead the national branding so that when people watch it they are captured with the Zimbabwean society’s reflection.