The controversial socialite Kuda Musasiwa took to a Facebook post to beg for “recycled” clothes for his baby who is due in October.

Musasiwa is believed to have grown up in a wealthy family but on his own now he seems to be struggling. He is also known for responding the ‘zvirikufaya’ videos by diasporans where he mocked them for being used, working long hours and getting peanuts in return.

“Recycled clothes” are usually referred to as second-hand clothes or “bhero” in Zimbabwe. So it raises questions when a public figure like Musasiwa asks for “recycled” clothes and baby stuff simply because in Zimbabwe you cannot get cool stuff for babies.

In one of Musasiwa’s recent live feed, he admitted that he once migrated to Diaspora in 1996 as he could no longer afford life in Zim. Musasiwa is also known for hopping from one political party to the other as he tries to make a name for himself.

In the recent elections Musasiwa was campaigning for Fadzai Mahere and unfortunately, he betted for the wrong horse. Mahere seems to have her life under control but the same cannot be said about Musasiwa. He also used to constantly expose his ‘flashy’ life on social media. Musasiwa however, blames the economic situation for his failure to keep up with his previous lifestyle.

In one of his live feeds, he clearly stated how it would not be surprising if one fails to get $50 in his account. He went on to point out how stressful it is that schools are about to open meaning school fees needs to be attended to.

Musasiwa seems to be pinning this on the economy of Zimbabwe which is affecting the majority of the nation. With the way he used to flaunt his lifestyle on social media, Musasiwa might have a hard time getting “recycled” baby stuff.