A Parliament should be a platform that facilitates the representation of the electorate but these sessions have been reduced to a battlefield between 2 parties that are pushing for their own agenda at the expense of millions suffering in Zimbabwe.

All hope is gone

Last year’s November Coup revived hope in the majority of Zimbabweans as they anticipated for real change. On 30 July 2018, the citizens voted in good faith that all the promises given by the politicians were going to be fulfilled. The parliamentarians promised to engage with the electorate and present their grievance before the parliament.

Party Jackets must fall

Zimbabwe is undergoing under an economic meltdown that has affected every aspect of ordinary life. Prices have gone up and salaries have not gone up, long fuel queues, major companies are closing down, there is no medication at health institutions, doctors and nurses are considering working for only 3 days of the week. Members of parliament should be sharing ideas of how to revive the nation regardless of their political affiliation. Parliamentarians should be clamoring for the common man and not fighting against each other because they belong to different parties.

Are parliamentarians doing justice to the electorate?

“My question goes to the leader of parliament of the House, Honourable Ziyambi Ziyambi, Doctors are on strike over the deterioration of health and poor remuneration, I want to know what measures are you putting in place…to rescue the situation?” Asked Eric Murai MDC MP for Highfield East. “Like I said earlier on, am unable to respond until they recognize the appointing authority.” Responded Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ziyambi Ziyambi. This is a reflection of the games being played in the parliament by those who were elected by the people and are paid by the taxpayer’s hard earned money. If these government officials queued in long queues for fuel or board commuter buses that change prices everyday maybe they would understand the struggle of the ordinary citizen.

This is not the time to fight for legitimacy, parliamentarians should start fighting for the electorate and not their personal presidents.