In place of service delivery, there are demos
In place of engagements, there are demos
In place of tables, there are demos
In place of solutions, the only proposal is demos
In place of delivering campaign promises by public officials, there are demos

By Abigale Mupambi

The only active activities in our major cities of late are Demos, how l wish demos were service delivery. How l wish our leaders focus on curbing typhoid, cholera and people’s issues. How l wish politicians would value life ahead of power, how l wish politicians and some of my fellow civic society leaders would shy away from evil and repent for the good of the nation.

In spite of the undoubtedly visible sorrows caused by violent demonstrations, it seems some public officials still prefer to employ this sacrificial way in problem-solving.

Oh,Cry my beloved motherland

For how long shall we apply counterfeit solutions to genuine problems bedeviling OUR nation? Can a Wrong Solve another Wrong?

Indeed Zimbabwe is in an economic quagmire, the service delivery question is still a topic of contention amongst a plethora of other issues buried in a shallow grave BUT surely no WRONG can miraculously transform our predicament and translate the same WRONG into Fortunes.

For how long shall we deliberately lose lives and properties under the pretext of “section 59” of the constitution’ s right to petition and demonstrate peacefully which has since been abused quite often by various individuals with questionable agendas?

Who could be the real beneficiary of this miserable way of operation?

It has become evidently clear that many poor citizens have remained with tears on their cheeks after these so-called “peaceful demos”, some thrown behind bars and others who have been trying to get a decent and honest living through hard work had their small businesses burnt down in the aftermath of these “violent demos.” Alas! to this day no one has accepted responsibility of these sad losses

Surely there must be a beneficiary to this insanity and its certainly not the ordinary masses.

It is insane to repeatedly apply the same formula and expect different results. The level of effort put on demos by some sectors in our communities and towns baffles me If indeed demos were progress our towns could be shining right now. Demonstrations have proved to be part of our problems and at this point, Zimbabwe currently has a magnanimous pool of other problems, if anything Zimbabwe needs solutions not more problems.

Fellow citizens, Zimbabwe requires a new set of mindset, a mindset shift and baptized politicians and Activists who must understand that killings, property destruction, violence, hate, and divisions are the only outcomes we got from these demos and never again should this be allowed again in a civilized society. It has to be noted with sincerity that the same individuals whose lives and properties are being sacrificed on the political altars today are the very same voters who took politicians to these positions of power. Instead, it should be the public officials from local authorities, parliament and Central government level teaming together towards bettering the lives of ordinary people who voted them into offices. But now the opposite is true.

Ladies and Gentleman, no one is voted into a public office to be a Spectator who regularly updates masses on the latest complaints, excuses, and schedule of demonstrations which of-course have brought only sorrows to this day. It’s unheard of!. We need all public officials to take Zimbabweans seriously and begin to focus on the idle ball in their court. The continuous capture and sacrifice of poor innocent people on the political altars is unfortunate and cannot proceed unchecked.

Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy but the constitution is certainly not open for abuse by any persons; juristic or individuals. As such, no persons in practicing their rights are allowed to tamper with the rights of others and the supreme right to life should be respected always.