Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries, leader Walter Magaya has appeared in Harare magistrate court over selling his aguma medicine without a license.

Magaya is facing charges under the Medicines and Allied Substance Control Act. Section 40 of this act stipulates that no person is permitted to advertise any medicine without the approval of the Authority in writing. Magaya discovered the medicine, processed it and went further to sell the medicine.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care held a joint press conference with Magaya yesterday. They seemed to have reached a consensus and in the meeting, Magaya denied having sold his Aguma. However, Magaya has been sent to the courts for selling medicine without a license.

Magaya released on bail

This court session was attended by Magaya’s family, the media and his church members. He also brought his lawyer  Everson Chatambudza. Magaya has been ordered to pay $300 fine, submit title deeds to his 166 smurts road and to stay at his 168 smurts road. His is supposed to comply to these once every fortnight on Friday at Waterfalls police station.

Magaya tried to destroy evidence

Early this week Magaya announced his discovery of aguma which he claimed can cure HIV and AIDS. Although Magaya denied having sold even a single sachet, it is believed that he has been selling the medicine to the public. When the police raided Magaya‘s offices, they found traces of distracted evidence. Magaya’s docket stated the following  “ accused persons destroyed some of the exhibits by flashing the Aretha in the office toilets and burning the containers which were however recovered half burnt.” The docket also stated several Aguma sachets and other torn sachets were also recovered in an office bin next to the Call Centre Office.

All advertisers have been reminded that failure to comply with these medical guidelines constitutes an offense in accordance with Section 40 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act (Chapter 15:03).

Magaya's charges on paper

Magaya’s charges on paper