Makomborero Haruzivishe accused one of the members of the commission of inquiry of covering up for Mnangagwa and his soldiers during a hearing.

Haruzivishe is a youth activist who has also worked with the Tajamuka crew.  The ongoing commission of inquiry has seen activists such as Haruzivishe standing up to challenge the commission of inquiry. People have known him as an activist but not a researcher, a title he has recently bestowed on himself. “ I am a researcher by profession,” said Haruzivishe during the hearing by the commission. This statement poses a lot of questions as to when he managed to get a qualification for the research work he is claiming to have. Harizivishe is a former UZ psychology student who eventually got suspended.

Once a person makes a decision to become an activist, they are most likely to live an uncomfortable life.  Haruzivishe’s career could have been cut short when he got suspended.  He might have failed to pursue his education but he claims to be a researcher by profession. Any witness testifies under oath, the oath did not stop Haruzivishe from proving points. Perhaps he wanted to prove a point that could not be disputed by anyone especially the commission which he believes has been paid by ED. “How much are you getting paid, I am a taxpayer can you please tell me how much you are getting paid?” Haruzivishe is convinced that the commission is being used to cover up for the ills of the government.

Although Haruzivishe weaved a web of lies, he seems to be the only one who was brave enough to challenge the conduct of the commission. The commission kept on diverting Haruzivishe from also enquiring his truth but he did not cease to give them a hard time.