Grace Mugabe finally in Zimbabwe to bid farewell to her mother who died last week. Mnangagwa facilitated a brand new private jet to enable the couple to join their moaning family.

Grace marvels at the Jet hired for them

For the first time Grace Mugabe displayed her vulnerability in public as she expressed how painful it is to lose a mother. Grace also marveled at the aircraft that was sent to them in their time of need “Ndikaita mari ndichatenga yangu yakadaro.” Amai Mugabe said as she described the jet.

Amai Mugabe hopes that their friendship with ED  gets revived

Despite sour relations between Mnangagwa and the Mugabe family, Grace wishes that Mbuya Marufu’s death can help mend relations between them and ED. Grace seems to have taken advantage of her emotional breakdown to appeal to ED’s soft spot. She kept on singing praises to Mnangagwa saying they have nothing but love for each other, contrary to what her husband said on the eve of the elections, Grace alluded that Mnangagwa was a leader chosen by God to lead Zimbabwe.

Grace thanked everyone who joined in moaning

Grace also took this opportunity to extend her gratitude to everyone who helped during Mbuya Marufu’s last days. She also described Mugabe as a loving man because he constantly provided for the late Mbuya Marufu. Grace thanked all the people who joined them in mourning her mother.

Evangelist Kamupira says the media cause unnecessary hostility

Evangelist Kamupira blamed the media for creating hostility in the country because of their ‘fake news’. He added that people must not buy those papers. Grace interrupted Evangelist Kamupira saying they were never under a house arrest and it was the media that spread that fake news.
Mugabe narrated their family history and how he approached Grace.He also emphasized the fact that he is the one who employed Mnangagwa although he intended to leave Sekeramai in office. Mugabe added that Mbuya Marufu had become his mother too and that they have suffered a great loss as a family.