Following mounting pressure from the striking teachers and doctors, the government has released early dates for civil servants salaries which are likely to come without any changes.

Civil Servants to get early salaries

The workers took matters into their own hands and declared that they will not go back to work unless they get paid in hard currency. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development,Mr. George Tongesayi Guvamatanga has notified that government has brought forward civil servants’ pay dates, a move which will see all civil servants having been paid their January salaries by next Wednesday.

All to be paid by Wednesday next week

The security forces and health sector will get first preference on 14 January, followed by the education sector, rest of civil service and pensioners who will be paid on the 16th of January. Analysts have pointed out that the early salaries could be a ploy by the government to appease the restive civil servants. They said that the government was trying to run away from the demands by the civil servants.

This recently released salaries schedule did not specify on whether the payments will be in hard currency or not. The teachers’ demands include the scrapping of the 2% tax, payment of salaries in hard currency and better working conditions.

Will the laborers fall for it?

The workers may choose to have a full-blown strike even after getting an early salary.Minister of Finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube mentioned earlier that government does not manufacture United States dollars, hence was unable to give out payments in forex.

The teachers have also highlighted that they will have an official strike on 14 January, just 2 days before receiving their January salaries.

Ask for a better salary and get an early pay day

The demands presented by the teachers and doctors were not on payment dates but receiving it in a more valuable currency. The bond notes and electronic forms of money have proved to be difficult as the 3-tier pricing system takes its course.

Another grievance by the civil servants was that, whereas the economic situation keeps getting worse and prices of basic commodities continue to escalate, their salaries have not been increased. The government now awaits the reaction of the teachers and doctors who are currently on strike.