Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe have reached their destination and are ready to submit their petition to the Finance Minister who at first shut them out but eventually gave in to the pressure.

ARTUZ members arrested again

ARTUZ members who have been walking on foot from Mutare to Harare have finally arrived at Mthuli’s doorstep. They commenced their march on 11 December and they had plans of camping at the Ministry Of Finance’s office yesterday. However, some of the members got arrested and spent the night at Harare Central Police Station after being released on Monday in Marondera. These arrests stopped the teachers from reaching their destination on time.

Finance Minister locks teachers out

Despite Interceptions by the police the Salary Caravan has finally made to Mthuli’s office. According to ARTUZ’s Report, Mthuli Ncube had locked the teachers out and refused to accept their petition. “The comrades have occupied the verandah. Civil Society is trickling in giving solidarity. The Police are mounted outside.” Mthuli later gave in to the pressure and opened door to the ARTUZ leaders. “Our president and Secretary-General has been allowed to enter to submit the petition to the Finance Minister.” Read ARTUZ statement.

Teachers finally reach their destination

When the teachers started their journey of 266km from Mutare it seemed impossible but with determination, they have made it. They have walked the long distance, they have been arrested twice but that did not stop them. They went through all this to get their voices and grievances heard and addressed.

Will Ncube fulfill the the teachers’ wish?

The Salary Caravan seeks to make the government pay their salaries in $USD and also to receive their bonuses in full. Civil Servants have been crying foul over poor remuneration and poor working conditions which have proved to be difficult since the sudden change of prices but not a change in their payment.

Ncube had already dismissed the teachers’ wish just a few days into their demonstration. Now that they have submitted their petition, it is up to him and the government to decide what to do next as the teachers wait and hope for the best.