The retired general, Chiwenga rose to power after the November coup last year, however, ED has stripped off the Defense Ministry so as to loosen his power on the military.

ZANU PF power struggles will never come to an end. It is only a matter of closing doors for one another so as to safeguard the top positions. The focus now is that those with top positions retain them in 2023.

Chiwenga is believed to have been eyeing the presidency seat for the 2023 elections. The retired general has been left holding onto the military since last year. Ed has finally decided to strip Chiwenga of the military force that made him.

Withdrawal of Chiwenga's powers on paper

Withdrawal of Chiwenga’s powers on paper

ZANU PF power struggles

Earlier this week the ZANU PF youth league shut the door in Chiwenga’s face as they chanted “2023 ED pfee.” This is the strategy the ruling party has always used to retain power after every election season. According to political analysts, Alex Magaisa the withdrawal of VP Chiwenga’s role was “the latest move to completely remove the principal author of the coup from any official role over the military.” If VP was not stripped off of these power he was going to take advantage of that and force his way to the presidential seat.

ED keeps Chiwenga in check

VP Chiwenga won the hearts of many when he toppled the former president, Robert Mugabe. Despite his tremendous efforts, It is necessary to be kept in check so as to avoid another coup. Mnangagwa promised to run for two terms only and the ZANU PF supporters have vowed to let this be. “The president is entitled to run for two terms and as the youth league, you will have our full support, we will support you in 2023,” said youth league commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu. This further spells out the Chiwenga must embrace his current position and act accordingly.