I once suggested that instead of funding political parties and demonstrations that destroy the country and get your money abused by activists, diasporans can form home town or village investment consortia. Some of us have ideas on how to access local resources. Do you know that Binga can be transformed into a massive economic area?

By  Reverend Anglistone T Mthiyane Sibanda

You can set up a big sugar cane or citrus plantation and processing factory to export the products. Nottingham Estate is doing wonders in Beitbridge, recently our own Masola partnered with Drummond and they are doing wonders in that so-called dry area at West Nicholson.

Reverend Anglistone T Mthiyane Sibanda

Reverend Anglistone T Mthiyane Sibanda

Chinese are getting into the villages that you left to search for “greener pastures” and wreaking havoc destroying the environment and looting the resources that you left in search for greener pastures. Their greener pastures are not in Beijing or Guangzhou but right in Marange where you left.

We tend to focus on politics and ignore the resources that can turn us into billionaires. No one has ever become a billionaire through working at a firm or somebody’s old people’s home.

We have been brainwashed to the extent that we think that politics is the only way out. Doesn’t Nelson Chamisa own farms? How many cattle and properties does Prof Welshman Ncube own?. How about Tendai Biti? These guys work as lawyers and lecturers in the BAD economic environment. Why don’t they leave the country too?

We are so blind to opportunities such that by the time we wake up, foreign national would be running our health institutions, our grocery shops, our schools our water systems, our roads. As we speak G5 is making money from Plumtree- Mutare Highway and who owns G5?
It is good to send us US$50 remittance but it is more progressive to set up a timber processing plant in Lupane and employ our youths so that they don’t keep begging for remittances.

Right now there are vast opportunities in ICT and Strive Masiyiwa is monopolizing the digital coms sector while we are crying about ZANU.

Vic Falls in being taken over by foreigners while we are lamenting about changing the regime. The economic factors are being controlled by those who control the means of production and now is the time to take charge of those through entrepreneurship.

One huge impact that development aid has done is that is has created a huge dependency syndrome and career activism that is counterproductive. Our young people spend most of their time on social media blaming the government for lack of jobs when they can rise up and pick us empty plastic containers from Chibuku and turn them into gardens or even recycle them.

They are waiting for a Chinese fellow to come and open a factory for doing that and they stampede to get employed by him. Some have gone to the extent of creating a lying industry where they spend time creating lies and photoshopping pictures to denigrate their own country instead of using the same data bundles to research of how they can solve the energy crisis through local resources such as organic waste or how they can solve food deficit problems caused by climate change in their communities.

International donors are happy to be funding us as we destroy ourselves because they make more money from our stupidity for lack of a better word. Have you ever thought about this?: how much do the US pharmaceutical companies make from Africa through HIV and AIDS?
They make condoms, ARVs, etc, make a billion out of them and then donate $4 Million to Global Fund to fight HIV and AIDS poor Africans them fight each other over accessing those funds through their numerous NGOs. Who is winning here?

Let us wake Up… and be wise… We are busy fighting over Gukurahundi exhumations while Chinese are looting our gold. By the time we stop fighting over exhumations, all the gold will be gone and our children will be slaves…

If this is being a sellout as crisisprenuers call me… so be it but this is blunt truth hate me for it l don’t care.