Zimbabwe Divine Destiny led by Bishop Magaya held a presser at Media Centre to inform the government to deal with the current situation in Zimbabwe.

Church speaks against government’s lavish expenditure

The agenda for this press briefing was to alert the government to arrest the socio-economic-political decay in Zimbabwe. Bishop Magaya highlighted that the country is in a wretched state. He added that he medical sector is failing to secure the necessary medication the government is busy spending on lavish unnecessary trips. ZDD leader also hinted on the fact that the lack of commodities is a result of the lack of resource funding from the fiscus.

The church not hesitant to speak against irresponsible governance

“Where is the conscience as a nation, where is the commitment as a government?” asked Bishop Magaya. He is also convinced that the root of the poverty imposed on the ordinary citizens is the over expenditure of the ruling government. The Bishop alluded that the church will not hesitate to speak the mind of God in a bid to denounce the irresponsible conduct by the political leaders.

Government hiding behind the commission of inquiry

On that note, the church is saddened by the rampant killing of unarmed citizens under the guise of self-protection and national security. “The sanctity of life is no longer a priority in our nation,” said Bishop Magaya. He added that shootings for whatever reasons definitely have alternative means of avoiding them. Bishop Magaya accused the government of hiding behind the commission of inquiry when they know the truth. He warned both the government and the commission that they will always be accountable to God. The state president has been warned that innocent blood will always cry to God.

Old wine skins cannot contain new wine

On the other hand, Bishop Magaya also blames the in-house disputes in Zanu Pf has also taken the nation back in terms of growth and development.    ” Please take note that old wine skins cannot contain new wine,” said Bishop and added that ED is trying to come up with a new system but it cannot erase personalities of the past. In conclusion, Bishop Magaya clearly stated that it is never the fault of the vendor but the one who mismanaged the funds.

Plenary Session

The church has been trying to facilitate dialogue between the opposition and the ruling party, how far true is this ?Bishop Magaya highlighted that it is their partners, Zimbabwe Council of Churches that has been making that effort.

Do you believe that a GNU is the best for Zimbabwe?

Bishop Magaya pointed out that Zimbabwe has had dialogues before but it has never worked. He added that the fundamentals like What happened to the elections or what is happening to the judiciary system? The Bishop asked. These fundamentals need to be addressed if they are not then no coalition will make things better.

What is your take on the commission of inquiry?

Bishop Magaya stated that he is not concerned about its composition but he is more worried about the composer. “ No army comes out of the barracks with guns without being given such an order,” said Bishop Magaya.