Civic Society and Churches Joint Forum is targeting the Diaspora community in a bid to complement the local group’s efforts to intensify the force towards redefining the people’s struggle.

Give citizens what they voted for

CSCJF’s main objective is to fight on behalf of every Zimbabwean regardless of political affiliation, to get them what they voted for. The first step they did was to engage local Zimbabweans in the initiative of fighting for what belongs to the ordinary citizens. Every campaign season is characterized by empty promises sold to the ordinary citizen. It’s sad how citizens always buy the empty promises over and over again. Citizens are always caught in between power struggles and whenever a government is voted in, they forget the promises they made.

Citizens must be prioritized

 Service delivery is one of the main issues that affect the citizens however these services are never rendered. This forum has taken the responsibility to amplify the voice of the citizens and push for change. In addition, the Church and the Civic Society is calling upon all stakeholders to prioritize the citizens and put less focus on power.

Diasporians jump on board!

CSCJF has taken it upon themselves to fight for the citizens. Now they are selling their initiative to the Diasporians. Their thrust is to engage the Diaspora community towards the people ‘s struggle, to build bases of a critical mass towards progressive nation building,¬† how the Diasporians can partner with the government in reviving the economy and to encourage participatory governance from the nonpartisan diaspora.

Power struggle an issue

Issues to do with power struggle and legitimacy should not affect the ordinary citizens who at the end of the day matters.  Mehluli Dube has been chosen as the leader of the diaspora chapter and he has already embarked on a regional tour. He has started his tour in South Africa where he will be engaging with the Zimbabwean communities in various places.