South African prophet Alph Lukau confirmed that VP Chiwenga’s health is deteriorating during a sermon yesterday at his Alleluia Ministries.

The prophecy came through Chiwenga’s niece who claims is the daughter to the prophet. Lukau claims that Chiwenga was bewitched, “but I am telling you your uncle stepped on the tail of a lion but I can help,” said Lukau. The prophecy also came in as a confirmation to the fact that Chiwenga does not bleach but it’s the sickness. He added that the doctors have tried everything but they have failed to ascertain the real problem which is causing him to swell.

According to the prophet, what Chiwenga needs are prayers because he is on the verge of dying. “If you do not pray for him, you are going to lose your uncle. Chiwenga has been advised to repent and follow Jesus. The niece, however, told the prophet that Chiwenga does not believe in prophets but the prophet proclaimed that he is not a prophet but a spirit who is different from the other prophets. Chiwenga’s niece was also urged to speak to her uncle about God.

Alph Lukau also took this chance to warn Zimbabwean about the spiritual wars ravaging in Zimbabwe. He urged every Zimbabwe to find good churches that they belong to. “if you are in Zimbabwe right now find a good bible believing church. He added that he is seeing a new level of spiritual warfare that he has never seen before.

George Charamba has however announced that  General Chiwenga and his wife are in good health. He added that they were only affected by the White City bombing incident. According to Charamba, these two failed to get a thorough examination because they were busy with elections and the formulation of the new government.