The flamboyant business tycoon Wicknell Chivayo was finally arrested on accounts of fraud, money laundering and contravening the Exchange Act.

‘Welcome to the life of the rich and famous’ used to say Sir Wicknell but nobody really knew that sooner or later he was going to be welcomed in the cells just like any ordinary human. Wicknell could have thought that his money could save him but this time he in custodial remand Chivayo could not skip this run-in with the courts because he no longer has Dr Grace Mugabe . If he was only flamboyant but he was also known for mocking poor people.

Chivayo however, this time around even his money cannot advocate for him. In one of Wicknell  live streams he mentioned that he is getting tired of deals of millions, now he is experiencing a completely different life in jail.

What is most striking about Chivayo is the smile he makes even when he is making his way to a cell. If only his moments behind bars could be captured so that we can see if that smile ever fades. His facial expression displays that ‘ I am going to be out soon’ but no one is really sure if that is the case this time around.

‘Operation Restore Legacy unleashed’ on Chivayo

Various speculations highlight that since President Mnangagwa is now in power those who were associated with the previous first family are in for it. This could be another “ Operation  Restore Legacy” victim where Mnangagwa is seeking to topple all the corrupt people.

Chivayo could have been dodgy since day one but the ZPC and Intratek deal will surely bring him down. Intratek, a company owned by Chivayo received  US$5,6 million from ZPC without a bank guarantee. Intratek also took this money without any job done for it. This money was meant to develop the Gwanda solar project. Apparently, it is believed that Chivayo and his company received $243 million for that tender. Chivayo and his team however turned this money for personal use.

Chivayo is also closely linked with the former Energy minister Samuel Undenge. Undenge is believed to have had a hand in the official offer of the tender to Chivayo. Undege however was the first to be arrested on the account of misuse of office. Undenge is jailed for prejudicing ZPC of $12 000 during his tenure.


Stanbic mocks Chivayo’s shoe collection

Chivayo is seen countless times on social making a collection of shoes. He has been mocked for this but Stanbic has taken it to another level. Stanbic’s most recent advertisement  which says ‘Haikona kuzotenga BHUTSU nemari yemagetsi’. This could be a diss to Chivayo who misused millions of dollars which were meant for a solar project. This fraudulent act has sent him to prison cells where he is right now as he awaits his trial.

Despite being awarded a huge sum of money, Sir Wicknell and his company has however failed to deliver what was on the contract.  This has finally sent him to the prison where he never imagined himself  in.