Nkululeko Sibanda presided the press conference at Advocate Chambers to fill the media in on the court proceedings.

Advocate Thabani Mpofu pointed out that MDC Alliance has availed some anti rigging mechanisms. He added that the results are a total negation of the people’s will. He also stated that the theft is very gross. Mpofu added that the relevant challenge has been prepared. Mpofu also stated that they are happy with their evidence and they will place it before the courts. He added that they derived their evidence from ZEC and their own sources. He also stated that they have their secret weapon they are going to unleash within the courts.

Mpofu urged the nation to be calm and go about their business and the situation is under control and we have the evidence available. He also made it clear that will be no bar for citizen involvement but they have what it takes to mount a sustainable challenge.

Mpofu notified that MDC Alliance is working with a lot of internationally recognized volunteer lawyers. There are attempts to harass our team but we want to let them know that we are not afraid even if means addressing the constitutional courts in prison garbs or on death beds. There have been attempts to destroy our evidence but they have been futile.

Advocate Mpofu highlighted that there has been an attempt to use warrants to take their computers so as to destroy their gathered evidence.

Chamisa’s lawyers under threat

There as going to be an attempt to harass the judicial officials involved in this court case, we demand judicial independence. Mpofu highlighted that the last time he addressed a presser he was told that he was going to be arrested, he added that he has consulted his lawyers and they confirmed that he hasn’t done anything that warrants an arrest.


When are you going to file the papers?

Mpofu pointed out that the court allows for papers to be filed within 7 days and he mentioned that they are filling within that time period.

Confirm you have all the V/11 forms?

Mpofu stated that they have them all and that they have what they require to pursue the court case.

How are you being victimised?

Mpofu mentioned that all MDC Alliance associates are being followed and threats of arrests so as to disrupt the technical team but that’s too late because they have already finished the processes.

Can you confirm that Tendai Biti has been arrested and you said you are prepared to die for the court process?

Mpofu dodged the question saying he only speaks for Chamisa and Chamisa speaks for the Alliance.

There has been many press conferences but there has been no action in filling the court papers?

Mpofu insisted that there was no presser in this regard, he added that it was  the first presser. He went on to show stapled papers as a proof of the papers that they want to file, as Sibanda guarded that no photos of the papers are captured.

Do you have enough evidence to stop the inauguration on Sunday?

Mpofu empatically mentioned that there is no inauguration going to happen. He added that their Chief Justice will  preside over it when there is a challenge of the result.

If you lose what is going to happen?

Are you asking me as a lawyer? If I lose I have lost as a lawyer because the constitutional court is the highest court of the land. Mpofu went on to highlight that party linked questions can only be answered  by Chamisa.

Zanu PF is preparing 12 lawyers to contest the case?

Advocate Mpofu highlighted that this is not a Zanu PF case but a ZEC case that they are contesting.