Nelson Chamisa held a presser this morning at Harvest House to give the world an update of the current political situation in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa  indicated that he was delayed by his legal team whom he was addressing issues with. He appreciated the media for covering his issues well but he pointed out that he has issues with ZBC and The Herald for lack of accuracy. He urged ZBC and The Herald to report without bias as he might become the next president in the near future.

Chamisa grateful for the support and peace

Chamisa highlighted that the overwhelming support they are receiving has left them wondering who voted for ED. He also guaranteed his supporters resounding victory on  the upcoming court case. Chamisa mentioned that it is democracy that is going to be put on trial not  Mdc Alliance. He also extended his gratitude to the nation for heeding the call of peace even though their leaders were persecuted. Chamisa stated that he has the best legal team  and he assured that they will defend their victory.

According to Chamisa ED did not win 2/3 of the majority thereby pushing Mdc Alliance to  challenge a number of constituencies. Chamisa also promised change as soon as he gets into office. He also pointed out that economic indicators are going down due to lack of confidence in ED. Chamisa further called for defense of victory within the law.

Chamisa promises victory

Chamisa warned Zimbabweans against waiting for another  5 years of suffering before they decide to fight for their rights. He also added that Zanu Pf terrorized villagers and that there a must be a close assessment on Zanu Pf if they qualify to exist as a political organization. Chamisa declared that he will take ED’s power of being the SADC vice chair as soon as he gets into office. he added  that  SADC did not celebrate ED’s victory because they know that Mdc Alliance is contesting  the election outcome.

Chamisa urged his followers to pray and fast for the next 3 days as they await their victory .He highlighted two possible routes which are legal and political which are going to be used. He declared that they are not going to be defeated by enemies of progress and he kept on promising change.


Are you going to accept any court outcome?

Chamisa pointed out that they are going to wait and assess first before accepting  any decision made by the courts.

You contemplated on pulling out and you said that you uncovered the rigging machinery and why did you lose?

Chamisa mentioned that they know the actual results and where Zanu Pf rigged. He added that the reason why ED’s numbers are being reduced.

Can you confirm that all evidence has been submitted to Concourt?

Chamisa highlighted that he respects all processes and that they have done due diligence. He added that he has the best legal team and that ED also admires his team. Chamisa ironically pictures a rocky and abusive marriage between Zanu Pf and his party and he points out that they have consulted ZEC regarding this matter.

How many constituencies are you contesting?

Chamisa has contested 40 constituencies and all  areas that had electoral malpractices. Chamisa also stated that they have 70% of all urban areas and some rural areas and he wonders whom ED controls.

Have you reached out to any international body to help you?

Chamisa said that he has reached out to EU and USA  and he pointed out that he is happy with their solidarity support.

Does this system allow you to continue submitting more evidence than you unearth?

Chamisa reinforced that  his legal team has submitted all the necessary paper and that he has stern faith in them.

Chamisa wrapped his statement by welcoming Morgan Komichi back and informed that they are being punished for being peaceful. He also yearned for Biti’s presence but highlighted that he cannot join because of the court case.