MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa highlighted in a press conference at Harvest House this morning that SADC has not responded to any of his call in line with Zimbabwe’s current situation.

Chamisa highlighted that the press conference would have been held elsewhere since their premises were bombed. However, he clarified they wanted the media to see for themselves the place of arson and observe what Zanu Pf has done. Chamisa added that they have since reported the matter to the police but they have not received any response.

Mugabe is a baby when it comes the terror bedeviling Zimbabwe: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader pointed out that most cases of rape, brutality and murder are being committed under the name of the state. Chamisa went on to state that it has been 14 months since the former president left office the wave of terror that Zimbabweans cannot be compared to Mugabe’s era. “Just this morning as I was coming here… I had gone to Mbare where I had gone to pay my condolences to yet again another you men who was killed.” According to Chamisa, this young man is Kudakwashe Kabandamurongo who was beaten up by men who had an army truck and he bled to death. He added that most of the people who are dead are young people who did not even take part in protests.

Mr Mnangagwa instigated  violence: Chamisa

“What is shocking to us is that there has not been any attempt by the government to acknowledge these deaths.” Said Chamisa. He added that the government has not even called for a press conference to highlight the number of people who have died. According to MDC Alliance, this is an attempt by the government to hide what has happened.

To add on, MDC Alliance has recorded 844 human rights violation, 78 gunshot injuries and numerous arbitrary detentions. Chamisa denied  MDC Alliance having anything to do with the protests as highlighted by ZBC and other media. Chamisa added that the fall is on the president because he instigated violence by announcing the fuel price increase. “The person we hold responsible for the anarchy we saw in the country is none other than Mr Mnangagwa who announced a 150% increase in fuel prices without any due notice.” Said Chamisa.

Chamisa reaches out to the international bodies for help

Nelson Chamisa pointed out that he has reached out to the international community so as to safeguard the security of the citizens. He added that there has not been any dialogue, the only dialogue we are getting is that of violence. Chamisa went to admit that the SADC has not been giving him any response and he questions the extent of suffering the Zimbabweans should face before these bodies respond. “I don’t know how many bodies are supposed to be killed, how much blood is supposed to flow and how many women should be raped before we begin to see the intervention of the SADC bodies.” Added Chamisa.

Chamisa also ridicules the fact that victims are being encouraged to report their cases to the perpetrators. He went on to highlight that Zimbabwe now needs another body to help in solving the current challenges.