MDC Alliance supporters came prepared to march to the state house, however, their leader stated that they have to follow his plans and focus on celebrating their 19th anniversary.

Thousands attended MDC Alliance 19th anniversary

MDC Alliance supporters flocked to Gwanzura stadium in their thousands to celebrate their 19th anniversary. They filled the stadium in no time as they waited to swear in their leader. They agreed that Chamisa is now the leader of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Chamisa started his speech with a prayer as explained that God has taken them this far. His speech seemed to revolve around illegitimacy issues and the fact that Mnangagwa has failed this nation. He made a vow to God that he will not lead by shedding blood just like the current illegitimate government.

In addition, Chamisa appreciated the support of ZCTU, ZINASU, Concerned Citizens, Tajamuka and war veterans and everyone supporting the party. He mocked Matemadanda for taking too long to join the party of real change.

On that note, Chamisa stated that their theme  “Reclaiming people’s victory” and the 19 years signify maturity to lead the nation.”Bye bye Mnangagwa bye-bye,” Chamisa chanted as he claimed that he is ready to take his position.

The baby wants his “jiggies” back

Chamisa stated that he is under the guidance of the late Morgan Tsvangirai. He added that he was instructed to take everyone on board except Thokozani Khupe who failed to share their vision. Chamisa claimed that Tsvangirai did not die but he was assassinated. He added that Zanu Pf made a mistake by not killing the rest of the party and they will find no peace. Chamisa promised his supporters that he is going to fight until he gets his “jiggies” back. Adding on to that Chamisa highlighted that he is not interested in a GNU with Mnangagwa. He accused the government for daylight robbery and for reaping what they did not sow.

International journalists can show you who killed our Zimbabweans

“Economy is a reflection of politics that is not in shape,” said Chamisa and he went to on to promise his supporters that they are putting the house in order. Chamisa ridiculed the formation of the Commission of Inquiry when everyone knows the truth. “Invite international journalists they will tell you who killed our Zimbabweans, “said Chamisa. He also warned his members in the parliament to work diligently and he added that he will not tolerate any form of corruption. His members were tasked to expose Mnangagwa’s corruption so that they work on it. Chamisa also boasted that of the thousands that came to celebrate no one was given a penny. He added that his supporters are driven by their love to attain democracy and love for their party unlike those who hire buses for their supporters.

“I came in my sneakers ready to march to state house,”

In an interview with a few supporters, they highlighted that they came ready to march to state house but they now wait for their leader’s go ahead. “This day is more important than the day I was born…I came in my sneakers ready to march but we will wait for the day the president will announce so that we take our power back,” said Precious Gwete one of the supporters who attended the celebration. Mercy Chikwari added that they look forward to their new president’s real leadership. She added that the 19 white doves signified God’s approval and that God is in it.

In Chamisa’s concluding remarks he urged his people to exercise peace and unity in their communities. He flew away  19 white doves that signified peace and congratulated his party for reaching these 19 years which show growth.