Mdc Alliance President Nelson Chamisa held a presser at Harvest House to inform the media of his thoughts over the recent court judgement.

Nelson Chamisa extended his gratitude to the media for attending the pressor despite the fact that it’s a weekend. He also appreciated members of the leadership and members of the national executive for their support.

Chamisa respects but disagrees with the courts

Chamisa highlighted that Zimbabwe is going through a very crucial moment in the history. He pointed out that his party did everything possible within the confines of the law and it is very clear that the legal team has led them to a dead end. Chamisa also confirmed and reconfirmed his position that they respect the court. Chamisa as an officer of the law, he mentioned that one can respect but not agree with the concourt. He added that he respectfully disagree and the reject the position arrived at by the concourt.

Mistakes are common

Chamisa argued that the concourt is an infallible institution, therefore, it can also make mistakes just like ZEC. He  also mentioned that they have the right to fully criticize a court’s decision in keeping with the freedom of expression. Chamisa referred to himself as  President Chamisa who respects the court but has problems with the findings of the court.

He admitted that the judgement has been made however he added that they have every right to scrutinize it. Chamisa stated that they had prepared a subpoena but it was turned down by the courts. He added that the subpoena was going to indicate that they had 2,6 million votes that Mnangagwa did not have. Chamisa further indicated that they have specifics and they are ready to distribute them at the appropriate time. He added that their information and evidence they had prepared was not taken and not given due regard.  The fact that ZEC was not questioned for announcing 3 different results did not well with Chamisa and his party.


Does the legal route include getting your supporters in the streets?

Chamisa highlighted that it is a right of the citizen to demonstrate peacefully.

Have you tried engaging in a dialogue with ED?

Chamisa said that he wrote to ED but never got a response. He added that the only response he saw was a tweet which he doubts that ED has that account.  He also highlighted that even   President Ramaphosa has not responded to their call.

Is GNU an option?

Chamisa stated that if a GNU  is to be considered then the nation must be engaged in a dialogue. He added that he cannot be asked to share his stolen goats.

Are you suggesting Run-off?

Chamisa pointed out that is a difference between legality and legitimacy. He added that if  Mnangagwa is to be alone he would not get any support because he is unsupportable.

Did you have enough evidence in the court?

Mdc Alliance president indicated that his lawyers have already given a detailed statement. He added their subpoena was not looked at and they did not question why  ZEC refused with the server because they knew it would show differences that is why they resorted to an excel sheet where they put their own figures.

The party is said to have accepted the court’s verdict why do you seem to be contradicting that?

Chamisa mentioned that they are questioning the legitimacy of this vote when the courts did not take heed of their evidence. He added that each time people vote they face problems, there is freedom of expression but no freedom after expression. He also mentioned that Zimbabwe cannot keep on having elections that reproduce conflicts.

Have you been invited to the inauguration and if they have will you go?

Chamisa sarcastically mentioned that ED would not invite him because he knows that he is the one who is supposed to be celebrated.

What is your say on the persecution of the alliance leaders?

Chamisa expressed his concern over this matter because one cannot be persecuted for being peaceful.

You said Mnangagwa must restore your votes is your victory certain?

Chamisa indicated that victory cannot be certain twice, he added that they protecting their vote. Chamisa said they will continue to pursue this case in a democratic manner. He also mentioned that Zimbabwe cannot afford to have more years of suffering.