Our problem is not MDC A nor is it ZANU PF. I am part of that problem and l owe the nation and the world an apology. I and my colleagues in Civic Society are the biggest liars to the MDC and to the world.
If we honestly want to solve the problems in Zimbabwe let us deal with the career activism syndrome where people become professionals in activism.
I wish one day the donors would open their eyes and see the mess they created in Zimbabwe and l intend to write a book on the impact of donor funding on Zimbabwean activism.
I have been an activist for the past 21 years and l regret the lies and half truths that we have been telling the MDC and the world.
We do this in order to remain relevant and keep our jobs. CSO directors belong to Zimbabwe’s elite, same level with some senior ZANU PF officials. I know some directors who drive latest BMWs and their wives, we have high salary pecks and often do creative accounting.
We run fake programs where we just don’t care about impact on communities as long as we have done workshops and got the money.
We then tell our colleagues in the MDC that we have done Civic education in such and such communities and write fancy reports when there is nothing significant that we have done.
We have chosen to be partisan having friends and members of the cabal working in donor agencies such as USAID, EU etc who fund us exclusively so that we push a certain political agenda.
Here is the problem: our actions actually strengthen ZANU PF by default.
We mislead the opposition into believing that they will win the next election. We stampede to please the opposition leaders through fake reports and make them comfortable through our lies.
We divert donor funds meant for peace campaigns and other community programs meant to empower citizens so that they are able to come out of fear and stand up for their rights into personal use or to fund opposition party activities.
Right now l know there was a meeting very recently at Harvest House where there was a suggestion to “manage Linda Masarira and Anglistone Sibanda, Anglistone controls Matabeleland and he had become too powerful” no problem if that is said by the party.
Ironically those sentiments are from fellow civic Society colleagues who run their organizations from Harvest House, fund a so called Civic Society retreat to Nyanga to strategize on how to deal with poor Rev Anglistone Sibanda.. like seriously 😳😳
We have lost it as Civic leaders and we are the loudest on social media lying to all of you in the diaspora and creating negative perception about our country just to sustain our employment in Civic activism while hoping to get positions in government, should Chamisa win or becomes part of a GNU.

The US senators came to Zimbabwe and held meetings guess with who? Opposition leaders and us, myself included, what did we tell them?
I guess the reaction by the Committee on African Affairs tells you what we said to them.
When the former British Ambassador Cathrine Liang talked about “giving ED a chance” we came out guns blazing at her, the motive was not about our anger against ED, it was about an impending threat on our lavish lifestyles and livelihoods because that meant that DFID and other British Embassy funds that we have been abusing over years will come to an end or be channeled to ED’s government and Hon Biti also attacked the British in sympathy with us.
We exaggerate things and confuse the world out there only to keep our jobs and funding coming through.
Our major problem is not ZANU PF but us, myself included in Civic Society. We have the loudest voices and sophisticated IT skills and control some journalists and public perception yet very deceptive and cunning.
We don’t need those sanctions, they kill the little that is left of the economy and make the poor more poorer. You don’t treat a wound by pouring soil that contains bacteria. The US senators should have reached to Chiredzi, Gwanda South, Hurungwe, Gokwe Nembudiya, Madlambudzi, Chireya, Nyazura etc to get the view from the people who are really affected, than to rely on our fancy cooked reports and lies that we tell the world in order to protect our jobs.
Unless we deal with this cancer, we are not going anywhere.
Off course there are people who have done exceptionally well if l can mention ZESN, ZLHR, NANGO and a collective of Matabeleland Based CSOs under the Mat Collective banner that have tried to be objective and not captured by the party but they are often under funded except those based in Harare.
Suffice to say it’s appalling that CSO leaders meet at Harvest House to make Civic Decisions.