MDC Alliance called for an impromptu presser at Harvest House to announce their victory and to address the media.

In Tendai Biti’s opening remarks, he acknowledged that yesterday marked a historic event in  Zimbabwe. Biti added that MDC Alliance supporters voted in numbers resembling desperation for change. He also pointed out that MDC Alliance is grateful for the thousands who voted in their favor.

Challenges faced during elections

Biti highlighted that there were hiccups of long queues, deliberate go-slows by election officials and missing polling stations. He also pointed out that a large number of people was turned away from their confirmed polling stations. Biti clearly stated that his name could not be on the polling station he had registered at. He also highlighted that despite these challenges their supporters showed resilience.

Biti alluded that their people’s courage should not be betrayed by anyone. He added that they have received results from their agents. Basing on results from their  agents, MDC Alliance is convinced that they have won the election beyond doubts. He went to specify that Chamisa is the new president of Zimbabwe. Biti also pointed out that these elections results were sometimes handed to their agents in compliance with the law. He added that they now await a formal announcement from ZEC of their victory as supported by the Electoral Act.

ZEC deliberately delaying announcing the results

Biti also pointed out that they had command centers scattered across the country where they were tabulating their own data. He added that the party is greatly concerned with the interference of the people’s will displayed by the authorities. Biti went on to accuse ZEC of deliberately delaying the announcement of the results. He added that this gesture by ZEC is totally unacceptable especially in urban areas.

Biti expressed their mistrust over ZEC because they have not announced results of Harare East when all the procedures had been finalized by 3am this morning. He added that these delays will give bishops of rigging ample time to do what they know best. Biti called upon ZEC to make possible declarations within the demands of the law.

MDC Alliance demands V/11 forms

Biti went to accuse ZEC of failing to produce 21% of V/11 forms which summarise the outcome of the elections at a polling station. He highlighted that they have written to ZEC requesting these critical forms. He added that ZESN and other citizens are in the process of trying to launch the court applications for the V/11 forms.

Zanu Pf spreading fake news

Biti alluded that there is a massive generation of fake news by the Zanu Pf. He clearly stated that they have employed Romanians who are spreading fake news. Biti went on to accuse Chiwenga of attempting to assassinate Chamisa and himself and said that they will not accept that.

Biti promised that they will protect this vote because Zimbabwe has waited for change for too long. He added that any threats towards the will of the people must be defeated.


Both Chamisa and Mnangagwa are claiming victory, who is lying?

Biti alluded that the people have spoken and he added that Mnangagwa is unelected as evidenced by the masses who turned out at the rallies.

You are claiming that Zanu Pf might rigging, will have enough evidence for that verdict?

Biti clearly highlighted that there is no need for evidence since they have won the election. He added that they are now daring ZEC to announce their victory formally.

If ZEC announces results contrary to your belief, what will you do?

Biti pointed out that the results they have seen belong to ZEC so in the case that results differ MDC Alliance will not accept that.

What evidence do you have for the assassination attempts by Chiwenga?

Biti alluded that they cannot disclose their sources but it is a fact.

What have you done in regards to the assassination attempts?

Biti stated that it is pointless to report to the police but he went on to highlight that they have informed their structures and the international community. He added that this is not new as they have been persecuted countless times.

Sources say that Chamisa has won presidential elections but the party has lost the parliamentary elections, is this fake too?

Biti highlighted that in Masvingo Chamisa has overwhelmingly won but their parliament representative has lost. He added MDC Alliance have found this very strange and that election are supposed to take the same route. He also highlighted that they have held a meeting to address these shenanigans. Biti went on to point out that their party has filed a complaint to ZEC and that he is not moved with what Chiumba said in the morning.

In 2008 you gathered at Meikles to announce victory the same way you are doing today, what is different now from 2008?

Biti alluded that  MDC Alliance prepared to die for this elections and he reinforced that they have won. He also commended Chamisa for stirring the ship well after Tsvangirai. He urged his supporters to throw parties of victory.

Polling agents are convinced that there is no way you can have all the results because they are in the process of tabulating them. How  come you say you have the results?

Biti stated that the role of the agents is to record the results, so they have results recorded but they need validation by the V/11 forms.