Apostolic Council of Churches of Zimbabwe president, Johannes Ndanga addressed the media in the capital yesterday to sanctify Mother Moon’s visit to Zimbabwe which has left the christian community anxious.

The controversial visit of Korean cult leader, Hak Ja Han Moon has left the Christian community questioning her religious background. In addition, Mother Moon does not subscribe to conventional Christian doctrines. Many Zimbabweans have deduced to a Satanist who is making an effort to attract the Zimbabwean community.

ED to grace Mother Moon’s peace festival

Mother Moon’s most publicized visit was organized by Family Federation and World Peace and Unification. Hak Ja Han Moon will hold a peace festival today at National Sports Stadium and Emmerson Mnangagwa will also grace the event. On the other hand, some gospel singers who were supposed to perform at this festival has since pulled out. Janet Manyowa and Michael Mahendere distanced themselves as soon as they realized that it was a non-christian event.

Hak Is the second wife to Sun Myung Moon, the late founder of the Unification Movement. The widow is now running the movement started by his late husband and also running their multi-billion dollar empire.Mother Mother calls her the only begotten daughter. The movement’s notion is that Jesus was supposed to form a perfect marriage that would redeem humanity.

Ndanga sanctifies Mother Moon

Former first lady Grace Mugabe’s friend Bishop Ndanga took his time to sanctify Mother Moon of all the negative information that was spread about her. “People do not even know Mother Moon but they are busy saying negative things just like Jesus who was not accepted during his time,” He alluded that Hak’s visit is to try and unify Zimbabwe and to advocate for the removal of sanctions. Ndanga bashed Zimbabweans for being negative to Mother Moon who is going to launch 10 projects in Zimbabwe. He added that she does not have anything to benefit from it but Zimbabwe are busy badmouthing her.

Bishop Ndanga and Moon play the bribe card on journalists

Ndanga seemed not to trust the journalists and he ended up pulling a brown envelop stunt for positive publicity.  Ndanga offered to pay US$500 to a journalist who will write a beautiful article. Some journalists were given US$20 each yesterday for attending Moon’s event as a motivation to give her positive publicity.

On the contrary, Zimbabwe Council of Churches has subscribed that as the church they will not participate in the event because they do not subscribe to Moon’s teaching and practices.