Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union members won a case at Marondera Magistrates Courts against their prosecution on allegations of criminal nuisance and illegal gathering.

9 Teachers  got arrested

A group of teachers that had been marching from Mutare to Harare was intercepted in Macheke by the police and nine ARTUZ members got arrested. The Salary Caravan has been making its way to Harare to demonstrate against poor remuneration and poor working conditions.

Teachers win court case in Marondera

These nine teachers had been charged with Criminal nuisance and illegal gathering. They were released without any charge. It was declared that the charges were unsustainable. The teachers went on to commend the Marondera prosecutors for a fair judgement. “Prosecutors did the right thing by refusing to be drawn into this charade disguised as a legal process.” Read the ARTUZ statement.

The police made an effort the stop the Salary Caravan

The police under the instruction of Superintendent Nyanguwo made an effort to stop the Caravan, however, the teachers resisted their force. The teachers later took a break at Melfort Farm and they have picked up from there till they reach their destination, Harare tomorrow.

The Salary Caravan’s agenda is to get the government to pay the workers in forex since times have changed. “We have been released without charge, and we have resumed the march towards Harare. We are going to camp at Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s office on the 19th as we demand our salaries to be paid in United States Dollars as well as full bonuses,” said ARTUZ President Obert Masaraure.

Pressure group and Human Rights Activists back teachers in court

Pressure groups and Human Rights Activists are part of the crowd that stood firmly in support of the teachers. The activists sang and chanted slogans as they waited for Ncube’s judgement.

Teachers grateful for an act of solidarity

Despite the delay and persecution, the Caravan has remained steadfast and they have resumed their march. “As a Union, we are humbled more so at the solidarity from cdes, ordinary Zimbabweans and indeed the progressive world. More importantly, we honor the ordinary teachers who have sacrificed all the pleasantries of the festive season to stand for a national cause.” Read the ARTUZ statement.