There is no justification for the City of Harare to keep recruiting municipal police. The current strong workforce added to this department is draining an average of $1.4m every month.
This means that the City of Harare has increased its spending on salaries to overly paid guards in comparison to others in the same sector.
Repeated attempts to create an impression that the more recruitments will have the effect of saving the council in salaries payments.
The City of Harare simply needs to have never used private security companies, because they have been unnecessary, ineffective, inefficient and suspected to be linked to some Councillors and politicians. Council assets have continued to deteriorate in the communities, with vandalisation taking place despite the presence of the so-called security personnel.
One other issue that has been raised by residents is that the majority of the security personnel in the City of Harare lack people skills, they abuse residents and use rude language even on small issues brought to their attention. They are not trained to handle questions. Maybe it is the nature of their training.